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In a crowded and competitive consumer healthcare market, communicating meaningful, memorable and impactful messages through advertising is critical to success. Good advertising connects with consumers, raises product and brand awareness, and communicates clear product benefits.

AdverCheck recognises that creating and executing successful advertising in a highly regulated environment is challenging. Companies are required to ensure their advertising and promotional materials comply with relevant legislation, guidance and codes of practice. This responsibility usually falls to internal medical or regulatory teams. However, competing demands often result in these specialist functions being over-stretched and finding cover for periods of increased demand or staff absence is difficult.

AdverCheck offers a specialist external advertising review service. We understand the importance of strong claims and the need for consistent, expert advertising review with fast turnaround. Our team can work on one-off campaigns, provide short-term support for busy periods, or provide ongoing support for specific brands or categories within your portfolio. For smaller companies, who are considering outsourcing all advertising review, AdverCheck can provide a full ongoing review and approval service. You may want us to provide an approval service or to review materials and simply provide comments and suggestions. We can provide separate “medical” and “regulatory” reviews, or a single, combined review.

Advercheck aims to work seamlessly with internal functions and external creative agencies.  Some materials may require approval from external bodies. As PAGB associate members, we can help manage the interface with the PAGB Copy Clearance Team.  Our team also has significant experience working with Clearcast and Radiocentre and can support you through the submission and clearance process.

Here’s how AdverCheck can support your team:

  • Advice on copy planning and general advertising compliance

  • Separate or combined regulatory and / or medical review

  • Review / approval of promotional materials aimed at consumers, healthcare professionals and trade

  • Maintenance of an approved
    claims database

  • Support and advice on
    claims verification

  • Training of new reviewers

  • Liaison with PAGB’s Copy Clearance service

  • Support for Clearcast and Radiocentre submissions

  • Assistance in defending against advertising complaints on claims or materials approved by AdverCheck

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