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All companies who advertise products or services are responsible for ensuring compliance with the advertising codes and guidelines. Advertising consumer healthcare products and services can be particularly complex, and complaints and challenges are common.

Pharmacies and general retailers sell and advertise healthcare products such as over-the-counter medicines, consumer medical devices and food supplements. High street and online pharmacies also frequently offer services such as consultations or vaccinations. Common advertising pitfalls in this area include making medicinal claims for unlicensed products and inadvertently promoting prescription-only-medicines to the public. There are also complex rules on marketing promotions such as volume and linked promotions, loyalty card promotions and gifts with purchase.

AdverCheck can help you navigate these tricky waters. We can review and approve your healthcare advertising to help ensure materials are compliant and minimise the chances of advertising complaints.  If you are planning a broadcast advertisement, we can help steer you towards successful approval from Clearcast or Radiocentre. AdverCheck can be retained to advise on specific campaigns, claims or marketing promotions, or to provide general advertising compliance advice whenever needed. 

Here’s how AdverCheck can help you avoid issues with your healthcare advertising:

  • Advice on advertising codes and compliance
  • Review / approval of consumer advertising and point-of-sale materials
  • Advice on and review of marketing promotions
  • Support for Clearcast and Radiocentre submissions
  • Training

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